Thanks for the quick response. I need to find something to scan for the new(ish) community.

Yes, scans to help us through this dark hour.

Thank you for this post.

This really sucks. That community did more to get me into comics than anything else. It was free advertising for the industry.

I'm seeing this repeated all over. Lots of people got into comics, or expanded their buying because of what they saw there, myself included.

Oh wow, that really sucks.

Is the comm permanently suspended? Do you have any recourse? Can you give us more info? What about JournalFen, which is pretty fierce about fighting accusations of copyright violation?

Edit: there's still comics_scans!

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Yeah, but comics_scans doesn't allow webcomic or fan art which was a pretty cool part of s_d

Man, I knew you guys would be up on it. And I just finished sending skalja a PM too.

This is...I feel gutted.

Glad to hear some news about this! I saw that the community was suspended, freaked, and then freaked again because I was worried about not being able to find anything out about this. Thank you!

I always saw Scans_daily as being a review sort of site!
Boooo on being suspended.

*spreads the word*


Or hell maybe it was Greg Land.

Seriously though, if you can get the posts back, I'd appreciate it. I'd like to repost them at my website or something. :)

Edit: Message reposted at my journal.

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If it was Greg Land, you'd have been ToSed too. They'd have found a way. ;)

Thanks for reposting, Fox.

I'm not one to hold a grudge or anything, so I'd be very curious to see what it was that got us nuked. I heard something about a PAD kerfuffle last week?

Yeah, he reported some scans to marvel and some point around then either before or after, they got nuked.

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Oy... I bought twice as many trades in the last six months than I had in the previous three years because of stuff I saw on Scans_Daily.

It could only be of benefit to the industry to have so many people pushing so many comic books -- especially the small press ones!

I discovered many of my now favourite books through SD.

What but weren't we in the grounds of fair use? Didn't lj tell us we could STAY once?

I take it there is no chance to get the commuinty back? Because ij isn't going to cut it since some people won't even go there. Fucking lj.

According to the message we got, we're in violation of LJ's ToS, so fair use is sort of beside the point. The odds are against us getting scans_daily back, but we're in contact with Abuse.

Major suckage. Sorry to hear it. If you need help backing things up, check out Though, I can't find whether or not is grabs communities.

LJarchive is another good bet, and it grabs communities. I don't know how well it imports them to other journaling services, but I've been able to use it to grab posts that had been deleted because a guy who was in that comm got suspended before.

The description on this site does talk about importing them to other systems, though I've never done that part before.

Hell... I didn't really give a toss about American comics until I started going through Scans_Daily. I'm pretty sure quite a few other people expanded their reading range too because off scans_daily. My word, this is disappointing. Thank you for the update... I found out when I was clicking the "Back" button on the browser and just thought LJ had stuffed up or something but then panicked...

Oof. What the kerfuffle is up with that? Thanks for the FAQ in any case.

Well that suck, I'm going to miss scans_daily. :(

Couldn't we get Gail Simone and Warren Ellis to vouch for us?

They're part of the community too. Sorta.

Re: Couldn't we get Gail Simone and Warren Ellis to vouch for us?

We really shouldn't get Warren Ellis involved.

We don't want the entirety of LJ to vanish off the interwebs, now do we? ;p

I'm sorry for just coming in your journal and bitching about this, but having no where else to bemoan our plight, I find myself looking to share righteous indignation with community members here.
It's not much help, but the way back machine has a hand full of ancient scans_daily entry lists (for lack of a better ter)*/ sadly this is mostly useless as the entries themselves aren't saved :(

Man this totally sucks. I thought I went crazy for a minute when I couldn't find s_d listed under my communities. This just really freaking sucks. I loved randomly going through old tags and now it's just gone. I could cry.

Well, really, if it is just a ToS violation, can't 'we' take it down and apologize nicely? Or does that not work?

Take down over 10000 entries? o_O

We've probably posted enough scans to get us DMCA'ed a thousand times over!

I'm seriously depressed about this :( I really hope the whole community comes back together somewhere

*gasp* Oh man! But... it's really a great tool, and I know I use it to help me pick which issues I want to buy! D:

PAD took scans_daily. He took scans_daily. Thats scans that were daily.


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