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I'm not one to hold a grudge or anything, so I'd be very curious to see what it was that got us nuked. I heard something about a PAD kerfuffle last week?

Yeah, he reported some scans to marvel and some point around then either before or after, they got nuked.

Is this anything more than rumor? Meaning, is there anything substantive about this? Because if so, WOW. But it'd be bad to finger point at him without concrete evidence.

for old time's sake

And that's terrible.

Here's actually what he said to me. I forgot how the last paragraph went, so apparently yes, the scans were down before marvel could talk to them. He was reporting them, though.

Wow, what a massive tool.

(Deleted comment)
... What a douchebag. Did he EVEN see the post?

WOW. The whole issue wasn't scanned, though, so that's not in fact true. I wonder if that'll help.


That was the entire issue? Wow, comic books really don't give you your money's worth these days.

Dammit, PAD

Edited at 2009-02-28 03:21 am (UTC)

So take down that thread, not the whole community. How many of us started buying comics again because of what we found here?

So epically fucking stupid.

Peter David: killer of babies and scans_daily.

Yeah, that probably accounts for the suspension.


He has no idea how the internet works, does he? Uh, if people want to read the issue, they can download it from one of the million BitTorrent trackers or other download services out there, most of which do NOT fall under U.S. copyright law. One link more or less wouldn't have made any difference in book sales. Hell, if he'd just contacted the mods quietly and said, "hey, free publicity, now please take it down and don't let someone post a whole issue again," he might have come out of this looking good. As it is, he's cost himself readers and money.

X-Factor trades were on my "to buy when I can spare the money" list, and s_d was what initially interested me in them. Now...I'm not going to buy them, or anything else of his that ever sees print, just out of principle. Let's all boycott him, shall we?

If he thinks he's going to triple sales on the book, he's already living in a fantasy world. If he thinks he's going to triple it by alienating fans, he's even more delusional.

I wonder if Marvel Legal still hammered LJ to take down the whole site due to the initial complaint....

Wowsers. That's all I gotta say.

Also, I giggled at "I aim to triple the sales of this book!" Kinda unlikely, I think.

Dirty Bastard! This community has sooo helped his sales!

(Deleted comment)
Getting a distinctly unfriendly and personally argumentative reception in reply to his first comment on s_d (there was even a "this place isn't for you") probably didn't help.

Pompous Assfaced Dickweed.

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