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man. this sucks. i buy a lot of comics. A LOT. part of why i buy comics is because i have friends who buy comics and we let each other read our comics, which is about as copyrighty violating technically because i'm giving it to people that didn't pay for it. but if i couldn't talk to my friends about my comics and laugh about how lame they are or freak out when something cool happens, i wouldn't buy as many comics. comic are becoming more and more a social endeavor than the old stereotypical past time of the hermit.

i think anyone that posts here is a loyal fan that buys physical comics and more than just a person that religiously buys spiderman. sometimes i get pissed off at how negative and whiny it can be, but it's obvious that the people here are not casual readers of comics, to even find this community, you have to be into comics to a scary degree, and that necessitates buying.

to be frank, in order to keep up with the posts here, you have to really be up on your nerd game. i cannot freak out and argue with someone if i haven't read supergirl with the feverish eye of an OCD person hopped up on coke. just casually reading some scanned stuff will not cut it.

not to mention that certain companies don't have certain things traded like, young justice, most of the legion, anything that isn't from the last 5 years.... so in order to keep up with nightmares like, oh, FINAL CRISIS, where else would i go for an explanation of why superman just sang at me?

DITTO. ;____;

It can be negative and whiny like you said, but it also motivates people into expressing their reactions rather than just accept something. If the big 2 are so concerned about hearing from fans, they should have accept that this is one avenue from which there will be discourse.

I BOUGHT SO MUCH because of S_D, too. whatistigerbalm's posts even convinced me to bribe a Canadian to buy me 2 bande desinee -- and I don't even read French!

Aw man I'm friending you right now!

(This is whatistigerbalm's RL LJ)

I remember somone telling me to read Supergirl because something awesome was coming... I kept reading, I saw Boomer getting his jailbait on but considering he's Digger's boy not a big surprise... still following in the hopes of finding it. I mean unless I was supposed to be attracted to the art?

(GOD... S_D inspired at least well everything DC I own... which is now half my collection.)

I agree with everything you said especially the part with the whole comparison of browsing scans_daily to letting friends borrow your comic (except that in scans_daily you're borrowing like three or four pages of a comic instead of the whole thing).

where else would i go for an explanation of why superman just sang at me?

Lol I was confused when I read that and I think the only excused used for Superman doing that was "Darkseid hates music" which made me go "Huh?"

I think he used this song though

whatever!! he totally sang careless whisper!!


and he made the saxophone's part with his mouth by going "WAH-NA-NA-NA, WAH-NA-NA-NA".

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