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Um, if we're talking about the issue of X-Factor most recently posted, the entire issue WAS NOT posted. It was within scans_daily's limits of how much could be posted, if not the mods would have taken care of it.

In fact, I wouldn't have bought that issue if it wasn't for that post. Now I'm sorry I did. PAD doesn't deserve my money.

For the record, I fully believe that I have every right to be pissed at him because:

A - As I said, the entire issue was NOT posted


B - All PAD had to do was write the mods and ask that his work not be allowed on scans_daily. Obviously they would have complied rather than have him act like a total diva prick and get the whole community killed. The scans_daily mods have always been EXTREMELY respectful to the wishes of the creators.

And FYI, having the legal and ethical right? Does not make him less of a dick. If he had been willing to talk to us instead of throwing a tantrum things could have worked out for everyone. Now we're without a community and PAD, I'd imagine, is going to lose a lot of fans (and hopefully business).

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