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There's some very creepy quality to some 80s cartoons, and that one especially. However, in that video I recognized one of the ponies I had as a kid.

I have an Avatar pony now. I should do a vid about his and Rainbow Dash's cross species pony love.

I didn't know Avatar had ponies, but yes. Yes, you should.

Oh man, I'm already mentally storyboarding it, and thinking about musical choices. I don't have video-making capability at the mo, so it might have to be a photo-comic. Unless I borrow a cam...

80s comics are awesome for that very reason. I need to watch me some He-Man and She-Ra.

You could always do it as a video made of still images, set to music. Stop-motion FTW!

For some reason, if I ever try to find He-Man or She-Ra clips on Youtube, I always wind up watching freaky music videos like that My Little Pony one for some reason.

The Avatar pony lights up. Pony comic is so A GO.

Pony comic is so A GO.


The Avatar pony lights up.

...THERE IS NO GOD! Wait, I already knew that.

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