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True Blood annoyance
tara (low self-esteem)
I hope Tara can change for the better.

You hope Tara can change for the better? I hope she'll be happy some day. I hope Sookie can change for the better, and figure out her priorities. Like hey, maybe putting her best friends and family before her boyfriends for a change. Humph.

In other news, I saw Captain America and a bunch of set photos for the Avengers movie and... I want it now... and I want to write Steve/Tony again. Sigh.

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The hell?

As much I have issues with the way they write Tara, she actually has a reason to be a bitch occasionally. And Sookie...she's like every bad trait of Buffy and none of the good stuff. :/

Please tell me the ridiculous 'let's be mean to Tara!' is still not going on? (I plan to watch the latest season as a whole.)

If the Avengers does not use what they have (RDJ and Evans) properly, I will cry.

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