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Avengers trailer:
gwen and mj dance

And everyone else. But. My god. TONY.

"I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster." *_*

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Oh, thank you kind lady.:)

Tony was gloriously dick-ish and there was *chemistry*!

I still hate Scarlet as Widow but if the rest rocks, I can live with her!

Hate her as Widow. HATE. I don't like her to begin with, and then to have her play Widow... blah.


I don't understand why they keep hiring her. And she's wrong for Widow in so many, many ways. Grrrr.

TONYTONYTONY, oh, I am so happy RDJ finally has people to act with on screen. He is amazing as Tony but damn, he shouldn't have to do it all alone.

"TONYTONYTONY" was honestly my reaction, too. Like one of my tags on tumblr was just "TONY TONY TONY." I want it so badly!

RIIIIIGHT? I would watch 12 hours of RDJ!Stark outtakes. And god, I want the Steve/Tony meeting scene NOW.

Loki no why you gotta be the bad guy man

I don't really enjoy Loki as a pure villain. He's better as a mischief maker.

Exactly. I loved the way the character behaved in the Thor movie. He wasn't EVIL evil... very misunderstood and misguided, but not evil.

This trailer makes him seem evil. :(

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