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I'm kind of idly fancasting a story I have no plans to write: Movieverse, if Tony had kids.

The mothers:

Jennifer Beals, as Maya Hansen

Maya met Tony at a conference. He was hot in a corporate bad boy kind of way. And in a long day of hellishly dull presentations, Tony's had been the sole bright spot. She took her best pickup line, and the best outfit she could pull together from her luggage, and introduced herself at the bar.

She was at Berkeley under Sal Kennedy, doing groundbreaking research that no one cared about. He was making millions building tiny things that produced huge explosions. It was enough for a night, a week, ok, a couple of months of great sex, good companionship (who new baby Stark had it in him?) and maybe--maybe--an enduring professional relationship. But enough to build a family on? Fuck.

Spoiler alert: She keeps the baby.

Lucy Liu, as Rumiko Fujikawa

Sure he was a billionaire, genius, playboy philanthropist, and sure he kicked ass in Dance Dance Revolution, and ok yes, he could match Rumiko shot for shot, and still be up for windsurfing in the morning. He was almost her dream man: smart, funny, disdainful of convention AND authority, and with no interest in her money (because he had his own, and a lot of it). They had fun and he could be--bizarrely, unexpectedly--sweet.

But Tony was, first and foremost, an engineer and a dad. Dragging him out of the garage was impossible. Dragging him away from JJ actually was impossible, and not something she'd ever want to do. Tony and his kid were sickeningly endearing, and she didn't even like children.

They broke up and got back together, and broke up and got back together, and never had enough time together. It only got worse when she took on a larger role at the company. Tony couldn't begrudge her because he was always working. She couldn't begrudge herself because she was damn good at her job, and horror of horrors, she liked it. That was how things were: breaking up, making up. When it was good it was great, but it never lasted.

At least she had the sense not to marry him. But have a kid with him? They'd been overly optimistic about their combined ability to maintain a long term relationship during round six (Monaco), and well... Sayomi? She was worth everything.

I'm trying to cast Sal Kennedy, who is obviously baby James J. Hansen-Stark's* godfather. I sort of like Edward James Olmos for the part. Or... idk. Name me some actors in their 60s who could pull off genius hippie futurist, mentor to Maya and Tony? (Jeff Bridges would have been perfect).

Yes, I totally built some familial ticking time bombs (in a cave... with a box of scraps). I am aware.

*(The second J stands for something horrible, terrible, so bad it must never be revealed. His parents are assholes like that. Language? Have you seen his birth certificate? Ok, no. That wasn't an invitation).

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