help, I'm alive

Yes, really. I've just been super busy with work and projects that I'm running under my real name, and haven't had any extra time for this identity.

In a spasm of organizational compulsivity, I decided to clean out my LJ/DW inboxes and accidentally deleted eeeverything, including all the correspondence from the Scans Daily days. So hey, if I had incriminating private messages that I was holding over you, they're now gone! Sweet sweet freedom.

Anyway, how goes it, kids?

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I can't remember how I got into the show in the first place, but I watched the first season in two days and now I'm a confirmed fan. The cast is a delight, although I find the lead and his dramadramadrama can get tiresome--they need to either kill off Trevor in the second season (or send him to prison), or amp up those kinds of plots considerably. They seemed to increasingly become an afterthought, as the season progressed, even while the show took the time to hang lampshade on top of lampshade, on Mike's poor life choices.

Generally, I really liked the first season. It's light, and quick, and fun, and my goodness, the cast is just so much fun. Harvey, Donna, Louis and Jessica can come over for tea and NEVER LEAVE. Mike too, if he doesn't spend the afternoon complaining about how mean Harvey is.

One thing that's interesting is how many visual echoes there are from Mad Men. They're very different shows, and I'm not suggesting that Suits is trying to be a kind of Mad Men Lite (it's really really not), but the set decoration, costuming, and hair and makeup, are full of callouts to Mad Men nostigia-fetishim, and to you know, the actual entertainment of that bygone era. Harvey Specter, you guys, even his posture. And then it's contrasted with Mike's skinny ties and sometimes-dishevelment, all the women in positions of power, and the less sea-of-white offices of Pearson Hardman.

I think this would be a fun show to review... Is there good Suits meta? I'd like to read about Mike, the American Dream, the criminal self-made man, and the resurgence of Greed Is Good.

PS. Jessica has amazing hair. Just amazing.

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I really am this sad

I've had this thing for the last few years, where I start (and even finish) writing stories on memes, and then lose them. Right now I'm looking for a Social Network/Stargate Atlantis thing I started but didn't finish--maybe on the Social Network meme? Eduardo was recruited by Elizabeth as a negotiator/policy guy, and Rodney kept borrowing him to do math. I think I left off with Eduardo going on a trade mission and getting lost? idk idk

So if you're ever reading on a meme, thinking to yourself, "Hey, this tension-filled story that lacks a satisfactory emotional resolution seems like something [personal profile] schmevil would write," you may well be correct. Unfortunately, I won't be able to confirm or deny, because by then I'll have forgotten that I wrote the damn thing.

I did manage to track down an unfinished Teen Wolf teamfic that I lost, so hey. Not a total failure.

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i r alive

Hey hey. I have been so uninvolved in fandom that I forgot that I signed up for remix and I forgot that I finished some stories, wtf. Best get on that.

So on FFA people are talking about how terrible Marvel fandom is. Having come of age in Harry Potter fandom, I find myself thinking "Naw gurl, naw." The part of LJ/DW fic culture I'm familiar with has always been pretty civilized (outside of pits like FFR), and generally speaking, I think it's gotten less critical over the years, and far more cult of nice, at least as far as writing criticism goes.

I haven't had an outstandingly mean comment on a story since I was in Smallville (and shit, that was one limpass flame), and I'm all about readers being encouraged to respond however they please. Certainly I prefer long, detailed reviews and conversations, but I make no bones about welcoming criticism. Flames even--the most I'll do is some flocked loling. But the flames haven't come. Reviewers in Marvel and Supernatural fandoms have been unfailingly polite. Granted, I'm an unproductive, uncontroversial, non-porny NNF, but in HP everyone took some bad hits. Whether it was your first ever story, or your thirtieth, someone would pop out of the woodwork to call you a delusional hack and request that you die in a fire, posthaste.

Between YKINMK, "Stories are gifts!" and the widely accepted assumption that readers should ask before giving constructive criticism, or posting public reviews, there simply isn't a lot of room for actually talking about writing. Let it happen on anon memes. Haters gonna hate, and most everyone else is pretty damn nice.

*Consider these comments as separate from the Avengers troll issue.

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avengers story

So I'm working on an Avengers story, the first draft of which is, GET THIS, almost done. inorite? It's going to be a short, bare bones thing that I'll have to attack with a bucket of characterization spackle and a trowel, but it's ALMOST DONE. It's got alternating Tony and Steve pov, with Natasha and Maria Hill playing supporting roles, and some Maddy Pryor thrown in for kicks (honestly, anything to keep her away from Scott). Basically, Tony tries to catch a plane.

Anyone down for beta/pre-read duties?

Unrelated-- so this alpha/omega self-lubricating ass trend. Has anyone tried to science this up and actually explain how this works and why, from an evolutionary perspective, it's an advantage?

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gwen and mj dance

layin down the law

No more Avengers high school AUs until someone writes former X Games champion!Tony, ex-circus clowns!Natasha&Clint, part time performance artist!Bruce and... Steve and Thor stay the same. Everyone's still a superhero. They're just flashier. Tony, Natasha, Clint and Bruce have dance breaks in the SHIELD mess hall. At some point Tony does a 360 flip off Hulk's back. In battle. In the armor. Natasha and Clint combat evil with slapstick and pie. Bruce combats evil with interpretive dance, while in interpretive body paint. Steve and Thor don't despair, and in fact, less than secretly love all of it. Throw in a rap battle and then, THEN, fandom, I might just be satisfied.

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ron and hermione

Women Write About Comics round two

Nominations are now open for WWAC round two. So if WIR 13 Years Later wasn't your thing, now is the time to push for your thing.

The revival of sequentialcrack is coming along nicely, with plenty of fresh recs already. We've also started mirroring the comm on Tumblr. So you know, follow, reblog, do it up.

Anonymous Finds Ron Paul under Supremacist Rock. brb loling forever. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know my capital v Views on Ron Paul and those who've been willing to forgive his ties to racists. So this is some good schadenfreude material for me.

Patrick Stewart is going to be at Toronto's FanExpo this summer, which is yay. However, so are Kevin Smith and Jason Mews, which is nay. It's kind of a mixed bag at this point. I will definitely be going (here's hoping I can score press/vendor access by some miracle of shady dealing, or actual effort) but I can't say that I'm particularly excited at this point. It's the panels that usually get me going though, so.

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sequentialcrack is seeking recers for Avengers, Batfamily, Watchmen and some other stuff that you'll pitch to us.

Women Write About Comics is on it's second round of links, and thanks to Corinna Lawson, was linked on Wired. *_*

[community profile] month_of_meta is a multi-fandom meta comm that's just setting up shop. Get in on the ground floor!

Plunge is a new magazine focusing on queer women in genre fiction, and they have a kickstarter going right now.

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tara (low self-esteem)

Inception ficlet

kill you in a new way
Inception, Arthur, 1534
Arthur's recruitment into the dream share program.

Just a bit of backstory. Trying to work out my Arthur voice for something a bit more substantial.

Also, you know, another entry for my Finish Old Crap project. I've secured a beta for that Supernatural fic I mentioned last week, so it should be posted sometime in the coming weeks. I haven't decided where to concentrate my efforts next, but I'm hoping to have enough stuff posted, in enough large fandoms, that I'll have the option to sign up for Remix, without leaning on my ancient Harry Potter stuff. Maybe I'll do a series of Emma/Charles ficlets and incur the wrath of the poor soul who's assigned to me... A handful of Buffy ficlets would also help.

So hey, you know what I kind of want to write? Tara Thornton: Agent of SHIELD. She comes back from the dead ~unkillable and angry, therefore, shadowy government agency.

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