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scans_daily suspended
For all members of scans_daily: the community has been suspended for posting copyrighted material without the permission of copyright holders, which is against LiveJournal's ToS. Before you ask:

1) At this time we don't know who made the complaint. But guys, we don't want this to turn into a witch hunt.

2) No, we don't have backups, but we're looking into recovering our entries. ETA: pandanoai made a backup early this month. You'll need this to view it. acroamatica has it mirrored here.

3) skalja set up a backup comm on insanejournal some time ago. If you're in dire need of scans, go here for now. ETA: A while ago, sir_razorback set up a message board for the comm here. comics_scans is another scan comm on eljay. Their rules and culture are a bit different from ours. If you join, be sure to read the userinfo before posting. stubbleupdate has set up noscans_daily. Please join, so we can keep our community together.

4) No, this will not be the end of us. Vive les scans!

5) ETA: Since people are asking about eljay's stance on fair use, from the TOS:

LiveJournal and its designates shall have the right, but not the obligation, to remove any content that violates the TOS or is otherwise objectionable, or that infringes or is alleged to infringe intellectual property rights. You agree that you must evaluate, and bear all risks associated with, the use of any content, including any reliance on the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of such content. Furthermore, LiveJournal reserves the right to limit access to your journal, if found in violation of the TOS, including without limitation the Member Conduct described below, by removing the journal and related user information from the member directory, search engine, and all other methods used in conjunction with finding LiveJournal's users.


[members agree not to] Upload, post or otherwise transmit any Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other proprietary rights of any party

ETA: Guys, do me a favour and link to this post in your personal journals/blogs/whatever. I don't want people to get misinformation. I'm monitoring the comments and will be around to answer questions.

ETA: Update post here.

The mod team is looking at our options; check this space for updates.

Couldn't we get Gail Simone and Warren Ellis to vouch for us?

They're part of the community too. Sorta.

Re: Couldn't we get Gail Simone and Warren Ellis to vouch for us?

We really shouldn't get Warren Ellis involved.

We don't want the entirety of LJ to vanish off the interwebs, now do we? ;p

I'm sorry for just coming in your journal and bitching about this, but having no where else to bemoan our plight, I find myself looking to share righteous indignation with community members here.
It's not much help, but the way back machine has a hand full of ancient scans_daily entry lists (for lack of a better ter) http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://community.livejournal.com/scans_daily/ sadly this is mostly useless as the entries themselves aren't saved :(

Man this totally sucks. I thought I went crazy for a minute when I couldn't find s_d listed under my communities. This just really freaking sucks. I loved randomly going through old tags and now it's just gone. I could cry.

Well, really, if it is just a ToS violation, can't 'we' take it down and apologize nicely? Or does that not work?

Take down over 10000 entries? o_O

We've probably posted enough scans to get us DMCA'ed a thousand times over!

I'm seriously depressed about this :( I really hope the whole community comes back together somewhere

*gasp* Oh man! But... it's really a great tool, and I know I use it to help me pick which issues I want to buy! D:

PAD took scans_daily. He took scans_daily. Thats scans that were daily.

It's nice to have such active mods. Thanks for the heads-up and good luck, especially about recovering the old entries!

Thank you for posting this, schmevil.

I just...I have no words for how gutted I am that S_D's been suspended. I have only posted a handful of times, and lurk more than I comment, but S_D's the reason I started buying comics again. Without S_D, I probably wouldn't even have bothered to get an LJ.

I hope we get the community back.

One if it was killed because a whole issue was up that freakin sucks. I know most stuff on SD was only bits of comics. I actually once posted half of my boyfriend's comic on SD per his request to help bring in more readers. I can't really feel bad for comic guys who complain about people reading their stuff for free. If its good people will buy it and you can always just go into a comicbook store, read it and then leave. If anything you would hope it would inspire writers and artist to work better so that people would want to buy their books? Anyway sorry to see SD go, its a sad sad day in LJ land.

I don't believe a whole issue was posted. Just parts of an issue of a title that PAD is trying to drum up interest and sales for by stuffing it full of SHOCKING EVENTS (no spoilers, please!)

... meaning, more of the same (Jamie gets screwed and the rest of the cast reacts).

Man, that was like a kick to the gut when I saw s_d was suspended. Thanks for the response, I wasn't sure where to go. I hate seeing it listed with a slash through its name, but at least we're not completely disconnected from one another.

Thank you so much for posting about this so quickly, and good luck to the mod team.

On one hand, this really sucks. On the other, now it'll be much harder for me to bother with mainstream comics.

So for me this sucks in the same way as lack of heroin does for a junkie.