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scans_daily suspended
For all members of scans_daily: the community has been suspended for posting copyrighted material without the permission of copyright holders, which is against LiveJournal's ToS. Before you ask:

1) At this time we don't know who made the complaint. But guys, we don't want this to turn into a witch hunt.

2) No, we don't have backups, but we're looking into recovering our entries. ETA: pandanoai made a backup early this month. You'll need this to view it. acroamatica has it mirrored here.

3) skalja set up a backup comm on insanejournal some time ago. If you're in dire need of scans, go here for now. ETA: A while ago, sir_razorback set up a message board for the comm here. comics_scans is another scan comm on eljay. Their rules and culture are a bit different from ours. If you join, be sure to read the userinfo before posting. stubbleupdate has set up noscans_daily. Please join, so we can keep our community together.

4) No, this will not be the end of us. Vive les scans!

5) ETA: Since people are asking about eljay's stance on fair use, from the TOS:

LiveJournal and its designates shall have the right, but not the obligation, to remove any content that violates the TOS or is otherwise objectionable, or that infringes or is alleged to infringe intellectual property rights. You agree that you must evaluate, and bear all risks associated with, the use of any content, including any reliance on the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of such content. Furthermore, LiveJournal reserves the right to limit access to your journal, if found in violation of the TOS, including without limitation the Member Conduct described below, by removing the journal and related user information from the member directory, search engine, and all other methods used in conjunction with finding LiveJournal's users.


[members agree not to] Upload, post or otherwise transmit any Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other proprietary rights of any party

ETA: Guys, do me a favour and link to this post in your personal journals/blogs/whatever. I don't want people to get misinformation. I'm monitoring the comments and will be around to answer questions.

ETA: Update post here.

The mod team is looking at our options; check this space for updates.

i was right in the middle of leaving a comment on the batman: year one post and when i hit send i saw it had been suspended

this really really sucks

not only for the scans but for the fact that we were a community

one of my favorite posts was when we all posted photos of ourselves so we could finally put a face to the lj screennames

hopefully this won't be the end, but if it is, it was an honor ya'll :)


Oh man, losing that particular post just plain HURTS.

(Granted, I didn't post a picture of myself because I want to stay anonymous, but still.)

With a heavy heart I plea for sanity to prevail, and for my beloved daily dose of a veritable cornicopia of comics to be restored.


This sucks balls. Sweaty malformed ones.

Ah, so that's what happened.

Thanks for clearing it up.

... goddamn. My comic book guys TOLD ME about s_d, that's how good an advertisement it is. And they were right, because I just had to clear out an entire bookshelf to make space for more comics.

Glad to hear someone rescued a backup - hoping someone manages a reupload somewhere. I've got the IJ friended. Thanks so much for the constant information... we are such junkies. WE WILL SURVIVE.

... goddamn. My comic book guys TOLD ME about s_d, that's how good an advertisement it is.

ok, that's really cool :)

Am I not allowed to say fuck Peter David?

I've been reading his work (prose, comics) since I was a kid but I have no respect for this dick move just because people all over the Net were slapping him around for his STUPID twist. Yeah, you wrote good Trek, you wrote Hulk, you wrote Captain Marvel, you wrote X-Factor, all good work. But this is bullshit, and your story failed for a lot of people, and it's not the comm's fault. It's your fault.

I got into a major amount of writers and companies - including some of his own work I wasn't previously aware of - through s_d. I gained a new reverence for the Avengers and a lot of other classic teams and characters from both of the Big Two. It got me buying trades of everything from Swamp Thing to David Michelinie. It was good for their business. And this is the act of a toddler. A toddler who gets re-absorbed into his father's body while the mom does a Janet on "Three's Company" freakout because it's actually really funny you guys, no rly. This kind of Gestapo bullshit is not going to save your book. It's going to alienate many dogged loyal fans.

You can say it, but be advised he takes that sort of thing very literally.

Thank you, to you and the other mods for all that you're doing. I know insanejournal and dreamwidth have been pitched as possible locations for the community to move to should a full scale relocation be necessary, but I thought I would also mention Inksome as another possible idea.

Good luck and God speed.

When I think about all the wonderful, wonderful comics that scans_daily exposed me to... the people I've met there (including a girlfriend! Scans_Daily helped get me laid!)... all the hours upon hours I've personally spent scanning and cropping and writing and editing and posting entries... all gone. Gone.

Someone used to the word "gutted." That about sums it up for me too.

Also, not to be bitchy (too late), but does anyone else find this mildly ironic? Most of the time I felt s_d was actually overly reverent of PAD and his work on YJ ("This is not Bart," yada yada). And now we have, well, this. I was a longtime PAD fan too, I'm just saying.

Yeah, I never gave a crap about YJ myself but there was some stuff of his I quite liked, some of it not even a decade old. I guess the last arc of his Supergirl run would have been the most recent.

If scans_daily isn't restored on LiveJournal, I'll be dropping my LJ account without a look back. Punitive measures taken after a mere accusation, without any sort of mediation or or due process or finding of facts, simply doesn't sit right.

And then I'll immediately sign up wherever it finds a new home. s_d has been my favorite thing on THE WHOLE INTERNET.

I don't think it's worth you ditching your LJ if it's going to cause you more inconvenience than it will LJ.

To deal with losing scans_daily I have committed fic (Steve/Tony, PG-13):

I've been a member of the community for years now, maybe since it's first days and it's because of s_d, I have a long box nearly filled with issues and a special spot on on the bookcase I've cleared for tpb's, manga and graphic novels. I'd never find out that there's more to DC than the big three (I grew up reading Marvel) and learned to love the fun characters like Blue Beetle, Ralph Dibny and Guy Gardner.

I hope that this isn't the end but just in case, It's been a fun ride folks.

Thank you very much for doing this post

I'm verklempt. Overwhelmed. Not many people read my LJ, or twitter, but I've posted s_d's fate there, as well as links to this post.

All I gotta say is this:

Cheers scans daily, for allowing me a smooth entry back into the world of superhero comics, after a decade away. Thank you for allowing me to reignite my love for Tony Stark and Avengers, and keeping me informed on comic news.

If it weren't for you, I'd have been just reading the odd trade, not having monthly pulls at all. Nor buying trades for all the epic story lines I remembered in my youth.

Cheers for actually making me break out of my marvelzombie mode and look over at DC, thus reigniting my love for Oliver Queen and Green Lantern, as well as discovering Birds of Prey.


I have read trough the posts in this entry and everything that can be said has already been said... the grief, the anger, the resolve... and so there is just one thing that I will have to say, to all of you as members of this community whose company I have enjoyed for years...


I must admit that when I saw the notice that s_d had been suspended...I died a little inside

I am so buzzed about everyone showing their support. You can feel the love and a bunch of other uncomfortable feelings we would rather not examine too closely!

Keep Fighting!
To quote a famous Italian, "I didn't hear no bell."