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scans_daily suspended
For all members of scans_daily: the community has been suspended for posting copyrighted material without the permission of copyright holders, which is against LiveJournal's ToS. Before you ask:

1) At this time we don't know who made the complaint. But guys, we don't want this to turn into a witch hunt.

2) No, we don't have backups, but we're looking into recovering our entries. ETA: pandanoai made a backup early this month. You'll need this to view it. acroamatica has it mirrored here.

3) skalja set up a backup comm on insanejournal some time ago. If you're in dire need of scans, go here for now. ETA: A while ago, sir_razorback set up a message board for the comm here. comics_scans is another scan comm on eljay. Their rules and culture are a bit different from ours. If you join, be sure to read the userinfo before posting. stubbleupdate has set up noscans_daily. Please join, so we can keep our community together.

4) No, this will not be the end of us. Vive les scans!

5) ETA: Since people are asking about eljay's stance on fair use, from the TOS:

LiveJournal and its designates shall have the right, but not the obligation, to remove any content that violates the TOS or is otherwise objectionable, or that infringes or is alleged to infringe intellectual property rights. You agree that you must evaluate, and bear all risks associated with, the use of any content, including any reliance on the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of such content. Furthermore, LiveJournal reserves the right to limit access to your journal, if found in violation of the TOS, including without limitation the Member Conduct described below, by removing the journal and related user information from the member directory, search engine, and all other methods used in conjunction with finding LiveJournal's users.


[members agree not to] Upload, post or otherwise transmit any Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other proprietary rights of any party

ETA: Guys, do me a favour and link to this post in your personal journals/blogs/whatever. I don't want people to get misinformation. I'm monitoring the comments and will be around to answer questions.

ETA: Update post here.

The mod team is looking at our options; check this space for updates.

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Here's What I Wrote On My Message Board

I'm sad because it means at least the temporary loss of a vibrant community.

We're never going to be able to control every website and every poster and we shouldn't even really be trying. If a particular set of scans is troublesome, I believe asking the SD mods would have solved the problem.

If we're GOING to have communities like this, and we are, how much better is it to have one like scans-daily, where both the mods and posters are aware of the concerns of creators and publishers and make a genuine effort to accommodate them? Where they not only established strict posting guidelines to prevent whole issues from being posted but also enforced them quite diligently?

The truth is, there are only a handful of comics websites that aren't run (and sometimes very heavily edited) by vested interests, like a publisher, where a sizable number of comics readers can go and share their enthusiasm about a title with a large enough audience to actually make a difference. There was a lot of dedication there, a lot of fascinating material. Yes, there was snark. Yes, some issues were panned. Who cares? The site was very heavily weighted towards books the posters really enjoyed, and served as a sample taste for many new readers. I myself have ended up buying several Marvel books in particular that I otherwise wouldn't have even stopped to look at.

I sympathize with any creators who felt their work was spoiled. I JUST this week had the ending of my latest issue of Wonder Woman spoiled. But I don't believe there was any malice. Quite the opposite, I believe that the poster intended only positive things and meant only to spread the word. I find that to be the motive there again and again. "Hey, I liked this book...take a look at this cool stuff in it!"

Do we really want to try to stop that instinct?

I propose a potential solution. I think, if S-D rebuilds, and I hope they do, I suggest that they make it part of the rules that if a creator or publisher objects to a particular post as being too spoiler-y, that the poster be given the choice to either modify or delete the offending posts. I would be very surprised if more than a tiny handful of creators took advantage of such a resource, but it would certainly show goodwill and I'm sure many skeptical creators would appreciate it. They might be brought more into the process. It's not Draconian, it's merely good faith cooperation. A creator might ask for a page to be removed. Surely that's better than having the site nuked over a single post?

I have spoken with some S-D mods and the thing that I felt is undeniable is that they DO respect the creators and sincerely believe that what they are doing isn't hurtful. That they self-imposed their own ethical guidelines and rigorously enforce them speaks volumes.

These people are not the enemy. They're the good guys, and the alternative is SO much worse. You think what S-D is bad?

Watch and see what pops up in its place.

I hope that S-D regroups and continues to promote good comics. They will have my support, such as it is, when they do so.

Re: Here's What I Wrote On My Message Board

Gail, I know I speak for everyone when I say thanks for your support.

Re: Here's What I Wrote On My Message Board

If you had said that a week ago, I'd have made a little banner saying "Scans_daily: Better than the alternative" :D

Did you get my thank you note in your inbox?

Re: Here's What I Wrote On My Message Board

Yes, thank you. You can always be counted upon to be a class act Ms. Simone.

Re: Here's What I Wrote On My Message Board

I believe that the poster intended only positive things and meant only to spread the word.

This was exactly what I intended. I love X-Factor - I wanted to spread the love :P

Re: Here's What I Wrote On My Message Board


I have... plans. I won't be posting any more stuff at Livejournal. But I have... plans.

I'm not giving up.

Re: Here's What I Wrote On My Message Board

Thank you, Gail, for the support and kind words for the community. I agree with what you say here and the suggestion is a good one.

Scans_Daily actually introduced me to you (always fun and/or enlightening comments) and some of your work which I have bought and still thouroughly enjoy (Secret Six and Villains United especially). :)

Take care. Hope to see you again on the next SD!

Re: Here's What I Wrote On My Message Board

Thank you, Gail. I hope you end up at wherever S_D settles down...there are a lot of alternatives already, but I'm going with noscans_daily - much less crying about the death of S_D and much more SO HEY HOW ABOUT THOSE RECENT COMICS?

Or at least a good start on one.

Re: Here's What I Wrote On My Message Board

Thank you Ms. Simone, for your words and your support.

SD was a much beloved corner of the internet for comic book enthusiasts and it is a terrible shame to see it go. Hopefully, given how many former members have found several ways to band together after the death of the community, we can still expect to see the same people, even perhaps new people, doing the same thing they were doing before in spite of recent events-- keep the discussion on comics, comic characters, writers and artists (whether it be to profess our love for them, or to scorn them) alive.

I doubt anyone here thinks of this as the end and it is encouraging to hear that you feel the same as well. We can only hope that the matter will be fully resolved soon, and that we, as a community, can continue to move forward with what we love to do best.

Re: Here's What I Wrote On My Message Board

Gail, thank you. THANK YOU. A million times, thank you. ♥

Re: Here's What I Wrote On My Message Board

This is a wonderfully mature way of looking at this, and I am so glad it was you that said it. As usual, you are a Class Act. *applause*

Re: Here's What I Wrote On My Message Board

At least someone out there still loves us.

Thanks, Gail.

We will return... someday, somehow, we will return.

We're down, but not out. What does not kill us makes us stronger. And no way in hell we're dead yet.

Re: Here's What I Wrote On My Message Board

Thank you, Ms. Simone.

I'm pretty sad about this whole thing. I know in the past I've helped to turn several readers onto books like Astro City and Love & Rockets by pimping pages and pointing to trades. And in turn I've been turned onto comics, new and old (available in trade or in some cases, only back issues) and learned a lot more about a medium I'm fond of.

Also, s_d was the only comics community I knew of that was not only female-friendly but also LGBT friendly, a rare thing.

Re: Here's What I Wrote On My Message Board

I'm sure you've already heard this enough though you are made of awesome and win. This is why we love you. Hopefully someday s_d will be able to return to what it once was.

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