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The future of Scans Daily (yes there is one)
modly mouse
First off, it's been wonderful to see you all come together. You guys did a great job of linking up my info post. Keep linking. There are already enough rumors, we don't want to encourage their spread. The other reason I want you guys to keep linking, is that I want to give as much of the membership as possible, a chance to connect with each other. We've all made friends at the comm, but not all of us had the forethought to exchange contact info.

Thanks to all of the membership, for being awesome. Special thanks to everyone who took positive steps towards maintaining our community.

refraction has offered lots of helpful advice on how to approach the Abuse Team.

raattgift has commented with clarifications on US intellectual property law.

pandanoai created a backup of the comm, early in February, and acroamatica has it mirrored here.

yatsuha made a syndicated feed for our Insane Journal backup, so we can watch it on LJ.

We've also received comments of support from Gail Simone and Warren Ellis. It means a lot, thank you both. ETA: and now Kurt Busiek as well!

Going Forward

Scans Daily at Insane Journal is picking up. The mod team will be updating the comm momentarily with the rules rewrite were working on before all this happened. Don't worry guys, nothing scary. *g* Unfortunately, IJ has a 1000 member limit on its comms, so this likely won't be our permanent home, but please do join and keep the spirit of SD alive. noscans_daily is up and running. We hope it will be everything scans_daily was, albeit without the scans. We'll try to have all the bugs worked out of both comms as soon as possible. Please bear with us in the meantime.

I haven't yet had a chance to go through all the comments on the info post, so if you have an urgent question that hasn't been answered, you can message me, skalja, or stubbleupdate. A lot of people, (really, a lot of people), have been asking if there's anything they can do to help. I've thought about it, and there are a couple of things.

1) Information. If you're an expert on intellectual property and copyright, share some of that knowledge. If you've been TOSed for copyright violations, share that experience with us.

2) Post. Seriously guys, post. At Scans Daily 2.0 and noscans_daily. Because we are not beaten.

3) Make love fanworks, not war. One of things we were working on, before the blowout, was sprucing up the comm. There's no reason we can't go forward with that. We are need of a profile banner and a new layout. Think about it - a contest will be announced shortly. If you like your graphics 100x100, shareable icons are welcome too. In fact, gankable commemorative icons for us all to share? Pure win.

4) Make love (to Scans Daily), not war. It's been great to hear your stories. How you discovered scans_daily, and what it meant to you. Keep writing them.

Again, thanks, all of you. We'll keep you guys updated as to what we're working on.

I'll echo most of what's been said here.

I won't be part of the Insanejournal stuff, but I'll be in charge of Noscans_daily, which is currently fuck ugly. So, if anybody has any ideas on layout etc, let me know.

The best thing that the community can do is group together on Noscans_daily, and actually show that we're the clever, rational and fun community that people have been saying that we are and not the pirates' cove that other people have been saying that we are.

IF it had any kinda mood theme thing going on, other than basic standard, I'd recommend the Disjointed theme. Least it looks a little better than what's there now.

Kurt Busiek has also made comments of support - here.

Once we've gotten things into a holding pattern, we should look into Dreamwidth, I think. I don't suppose any s_d member has an in with the internal beta, or knows one of the people who makes Dreamwidth run? It would be great to talk to them and find out whether a new, improved s_d could find a home there.

I'm all about Dreamwidth too. :) I think I'll message synecdochic directly about it.

Guys, I've just realized, we have tags again! XD

Ooo! We can make them sensible this time.

Seconded on Dreamwidth, but the other option here is a multi-user, privately-hosted blog. OpenID enable it so that people can use their LJ identities, the push the RSS feed into LJ. If the feed gets ToS'd... meh.

Good idea, but I don't think people would be able to make their own posts that way.

Or can they?

If such an option is possible then I'm all for it and would help with design and such.

So is this the place to go now for scans_daily related news?

Well, it's a good place since I'm on the mod team for both the new comms, but I'll x-post everything to noscans_daily and Scans Daily 2.0.

Edited at 2009-03-01 01:49 am (UTC)

Holy crap, I go away for 24 hours and look what happens...

Thanks to all of you who were on monitor duty and enacted emergency evacuations to alternate Earths!

Thank for working so hard on this and moving so quickly. This must have eaten your day.

I don't know if this is practical or not, but when you approach the Abuse Team, perhaps you could stress how people bought more comics because of s_d, not less. I know I did! The fears that posting scans is cutting sales is absurd. And the Big Two is getting free advertising through the comm. Companies would kill for that!

*keeps fingers crossed*

I want to second this. I wouldn't have most of the trades I do; hell, I wouldn't even know about 90% of the comics I follow without scans_daily, because scans_daily was what introduced me to them. And when I occasionally lost interest in a title for whatever reason -- usually because of the writing -- s_d was generally the reason I'd start following it again, because people would let me know when said title became awesome again.

I don't understand their logic. It doesn't seem like Earth Logic to me.

I have no image editing skills (or software) but...

One of things we were working on, before the blowout, was sprucing up the comm. There's no reason we can't go forward with that. We are need of a profile banner and a new layout. Think about it - a contest will be announced shortly.

You know the "Superman: World of New Krypton" logo? How about "Scans_Daily: You're Never The Only One" in the same style?

Re: I have no image editing skills (or software) but...

You don't happen to have an image of that, do you? I could have a go at it for you.

There's always TOMORROW!

I just realized. My big Tomorrow Woman page was thus also erased.

I'm constantly reminded that LJ has a comm for every situation.

Thanks for picking up the banner so efficiently schmevil and others.

Kudos to you! Your efforts are above and beyond!

I was wondering what was up when Scans Daily didn't show on my friends page. Thanks for putting this post up for those that were caught in the lurch.

i was worried when i saw s_d had been tos'd. i'm really glad to find out it's still alive in spirit.