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I'm sick

Ok, no. Pity is boring.


But yeah. Sick and injured and trying to lol about it. Who injures their foot, gets a sinus infection-thing (sniffles, cough, stuffiness, headache, nausea, vertigo, light sensitivity et al), and menstrual craps, all at the same time? ~*~MEEEE!~*~ I keep wondering when a wee Mexican wrestler will appear out of nowhere and punch me in the shins.


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I keep wondering when a wee Mexican wrestler will appear out of nowhere and punch me in the shins.

/me grabs a phone

That can be arranged.

I'm was waiting for your comment on this subject. *g* Are we talking pro or amateur wrestler?


Pro ones won't really kick you, instead they'll fall to the floor and pretend you kicked them.

Ok, it would definitely have to be amateur then. Works better thematically.

"This world is full of pain and suffering," Castiel said bitterly.

Dean had to do a double-take. Yeah, the case had been rough, but not that bad, really. They'd ganked the thing without too much trouble. No one had even died. Well, there had been some injuries, including a nasty gash on Sam's arm, which Dean was currently sewing up while Castiel stood on the sidelines, looking despondent. But no one had died. Sam wasn't even feeling the needle, still riding an adrenalin rush, and Dean was pretty much giddy with triumph too, so...c'mon.

"Dude. What crawled up your butt and died?"

Castiel gave him a LOOK. It had once managed to make Dean quiver in his boots. Now it just sent an inappropriate bout of giggles bubbling up in his throat. "I have seen many terrible sights, Dean, but this is the worst."

"What?" Sam asked breathlessly. He looked around, eyes wide and a little unfocused. There wasn't much of anything to see. They were out in the middle of the country at night, kneeling in wet grass, a full moon above. Just some farmer's field and the livestock the monster had been feeding on when they finally caught up with it.

Castiel glowered at him, too. Sam gulped and shrank back, not yet as comfortable with him as Dean was.

"Seriously, Cas," Dean said, snipping off the last thread. "I don't understand this fit of the gloomies. Everything went good for once."

Castiel heaved a deep, suffering sigh, the sound of an angel in the sort eternal, unknowable pain that no mortal could even think of comprehending. He raised one hand and pointed listlessly at the field.

"That poor, noble creature, one of God's most beautiful creations, struck down in the prime of life. I don't understand how it does not make you weep. Are you so utterly callous that the sight does nothing to you, to your soul? Why does this loss not move you to grief and tears? Why are you not completely undone by this terrible thing?"

Dean looked. The monster had been feeding on a pony, which now lay in a pitiful heap, bathed in the moonlight, neck at a bad angle, blood running over its flanks in a sad shiny slick that shone under the stars.

Okay, yeah, that was pretty sad.

Not really enough to justify the downtrodden look on Castiel's face, though. He hadn't looked that depressed since Raphael said God was dead.

"Awwwww," Sam said, in a voice of deepest sympathy. "Aw, Cas, you like them, don't you?"

Cas tilted his head and squinted at him, utterly unamused.

Dean stared at his angel friend, trying to put it together. Oh, man. He totally did.

"Cas. Oh, Cas." He gulped, forcing down the giggles, which were now much, much stronger. He finished off Sam's stitches and moved over to put a hand on the angel's shoulder. "Dude, did your daddy never get you that pony you wanted? That sucks, man."

"Yeah," Sam agreed, nodding from the ground in enthusiastic, if woozy support. "That sucks."

"Someday..." Dean started solemnly, then coughed and started again. "Someday we'll have our own place, man, when all this is over. A nice place, with lots of room to run around. And Sammy can get married and go to law school, and I can start a garage and we'll...we'll get you a pony. We'll get you pony, I promise."

Castiel stared at him for a long time. Then he finally nodded, face softening. "That would be acceptable."

It was a plan.


OH MY GOD. This needs an epilogue set on the Winchester Garage and Pony Ranch. Or possibly a prequel, set in heaven, with Castiel peering over the edge of a fluffy cloud, mooning over a brave, young pony.

I am heartily entertained. Your work here is done. <333


I <3 you SO much. So, SO much.

Daaaaaaahahaha awwwwwwwwwwwwww.


Awesome! Poor despondent Castiel!

And for dead ponies, one can hardly beat Steinbeck's "The Red Pony," which they made me read in grade school. Not so funny, though.

(Deleted comment)
I giggled so much, I think something broke.

Cute story. I loved the way Dean kept trying to suppress his laughter.

So Castiel needs a pony? I would love to read about his dream coming true

what is this, I don't even-- (The pony doesn't die, it just fights with Wonder Woman.)

Edited at 2010-01-04 04:06 am (UTC)

Ha ha ha! I love how much bigger than 'Tom' Wondy is.

And I'm kind of disappointed it didn't end with her riding the pony...

I amused by Superman and Beast telling fishing stories.

Aaaand now I'm watching some weird and vaguely disturbing My Little Pony music video. I don't understaannnnd.

WTF!? This is awesome(ly strange). I should start making toon and toy vids...

I have an Avatar pony now. I should do a vid about his and Rainbow Dash's cross species pony love.

There's some very creepy quality to some 80s cartoons, and that one especially. However, in that video I recognized one of the ponies I had as a kid.

I have an Avatar pony now. I should do a vid about his and Rainbow Dash's cross species pony love.

I didn't know Avatar had ponies, but yes. Yes, you should.

Oh man, I'm already mentally storyboarding it, and thinking about musical choices. I don't have video-making capability at the mo, so it might have to be a photo-comic. Unless I borrow a cam...

80s comics are awesome for that very reason. I need to watch me some He-Man and She-Ra.

You could always do it as a video made of still images, set to music. Stop-motion FTW!

For some reason, if I ever try to find He-Man or She-Ra clips on Youtube, I always wind up watching freaky music videos like that My Little Pony one for some reason.

The Avatar pony lights up. Pony comic is so A GO.

Pony comic is so A GO.


The Avatar pony lights up.

...THERE IS NO GOD! Wait, I already knew that.

Oh, is that Doctor Horrible Pony?

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