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J2 story set in post-earthquake Haiti

Caught Between the Earth and Sky, by asteroidbuckle

The setting is Haiti, post-earthquake. Jensen Ackles is an American doctor who's running from his past, trying to make up for his mistakes in this broken place and live up to the promise he made to his brother half a lifetime ago. Jared Padalecki is a naive photojournalist who's hiding from himself, hoping to find one more story in a place already forgotten by the rest of the world. When he learns about all the good things Jensen and his friend, Haitian nurse Abraham Joseph, are doing around the ravaged country, he thinks he's found his story. Jensen, of course, thinks otherwise. But Jared is nothing if not persistent, and when circumstances work to throw them together, he quickly learns that Dr. Jensen Ackles is more than just a story and that sometimes, stories can become personal.

Haiti is: broken, forgotten, ravaged (Darkest Haiti?)

Jensen is: hiding from himself, motivated by personal tragedy, trying to become better through helping the less fortunate

Jared is: naive, plucky, determined, hiding from himself, writing a story about a white aid worker

Abraham Joseph is: a Haitian nurse whose primary descriptor is 'Jensen's friend'

Anyone read the story? This strikes me as an intensely problematic and unwise premise.

ETA: I see spnpermanon is discussing the issue. This is what I <3 about the meme. Nonnies there have hashed out just why the timing, genesis and thrust of the story is offensive.


From her author's notes here:

I have taken a few liberties with some of the facts in order to make them fit into the story the way I needed. For example, Haiti's daytime temperatures in February/March, when the majority of this fic takes place, tend to be in the 70s-80s F; I made it seem much hotter. The country's rainy season doesn't really begin until early April; I pushed it up a few weeks. And the Port-au-Prince General Hospital was severely damaged in the earthquake and since then, its emergency room has been housed in a tent. In the fic, the building is fairly undamaged and even has electricity.

And here:

When I signed up for Big Bang back in January, I had a completely different story in mind. An SPN gen story, in fact. That idea languished inside my head for a few weeks until I finally gave up trying to force it and moved on. Then the idea of a different J2 AU fic popped into my head, but again, it didn't go anywhere. Then it occurred to me: Why not use current events as the setting? The Haiti earthquake was still in the news and the more I saw about it, the more I wanted to use it until it seemed like the best idea ever. (That, of course, is only my opinion.)

From here.

I am very sorry to hear that my choice of setting offended you. It was not my intention in the least to treat the Haiti earthquake lightly or to diminish the devastation of it. I tried my best to treat the topic with respect and frankly, I think I did a decent job of it. Using the setting of a disaster or an epidemic or a war as a backdrop to a 'romance' isn't really that unusual in fiction, based on many of the novels and movies I have read and seen, but obviously it isn't your cup of tea. I agree; these types of fics aren't for everyone.

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