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Years ago I was writing a story where Tony finally decided to get some therapy. Unfortunately for Tony, the whole universe was a Skrull-induced hallucination. I backburned the story and then never got back to it, but he was supposed to be alerted to this fact by Wolverine jumping out the window of Avengers Tower, or at least, jumping out of the window was involved in the big revelatory scene. Anyway.

Now I want to harvest the core idea--Tony getting therapy--to write a movieverse story where Fury demands an evaluation (because of reasons) and rather than be analyzed by the SHIELD docs, Tony pushes for his semi-bro Charles Xavier (because of reasons). And then Charles somehow gets Tony to agree to actual therapy, and Tony is like, "But... how did that happen?" And then there's psychic therapy, and outings, and chess, and various X-Men side-eying the whole thing, and robot pets, and finally Tony upgrading Cerebro. idk, if I had more time.

Also: there should be fic where Tony creates an entire ark's worth of robot animals. Maybe I will write this fic.

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I love the idea of this fic. I especially love the "Tony gets therapy" part. Because. Yes. Therapy would be good.

Re: God Bless Pia Guerra

Edit: Hang the fuck on...

Re: God Bless Pia Guerra

This too is amazing. But where's Natasha's stogey?

Re: God Bless Pia Guerra

Hagrid is amazing.

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