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all the fic, maybe
I warn for explicit sex and graphic violence. I also note canon compliance (Pre OotP, S2/3). If you think a story needs a warning, let me know.

Is great! I welcome both squee and concrit. You can leave a comment or message me.

Is totally cool. You're welcome to use my fic in rants, reviews, commentaries and meta. You can remix it, write sequels, or make podfics. Credit me so that I get my share of the glory, and try to let me know. Otherwise it's all fair game.

La Fic
Martianhouse: my old fic journal
AO3: my current fic archive
DW, LJ: my fic tag, for updates, snippets and commentfic, not consistently tagged, I'm afraid.

Alternate: http://schmevil.dreamwidth.org/309873.html. comment count unavailable comments