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so my beloved flist
Was this one of you? I ask, because we just talked about this. Or am I perhaps anticipating the meme?

There should be a Marvel movieverse fic where Fury goes to the circus, discovers Clint, recruits him for SHIELD, and then regrets it for the rest of his days, because MY GOD WHAT A DICK. Coulson is stuck running herd on him, because no one else can manage him. Then when Tony comes on board as a consultant and everyone is marveling over his dickery, they decide to sic Clint on him. Of course, this backfires spectacularly, and the two join forces. Double the mouthiness, twice the inappropriate pranks, ALL THE EGO, JUGGLING.

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... isn't there a fan-made comic strip on Deviantart about how Hawkeye and Tony go around playing pranks on Thor, Fury and Captain America?



Also it's not how I remembered it, but hey, Tony's an amusing douche in it!

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