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possible meta fest, fyi
trobadora (via [personal profile] etrangere):

A week ago I made a grumbly flocked post about the lack of interaction on LJ these days - comment levels, lack of meta, lack of sprawling discussions ... and it turned into a very busy post indeed. Seems I'm not alone missing the meta, and metafandom as a way to get the word out to the larger fannish community. In the comments, sholio and I did some brainstorming for what could be done about this situation, and here's what we came up with:

The Meta Month of March

Basically, we want to have a proper meta fest in March. It's very simple:

  • Beginnng mid-February, we'd ask people to sign up for posting meta – either general meta or fandom-specific meta - during the month of March.

  • In March, on your designated date you'd post your meta or a link to it in the fest community on LJ and/or on DW, and we’d all descend upon your post to enjoy and discuss. :)

  • Additional meta you didn't sign up with would of course be very welcome, including follow-ups to previous discussions.

  • There's a poll. Go click.

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    Oh neat. I want to give this a try.

    Thank you for linking! :)

    My pleasure. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

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