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Inception ficlet
tara (low self-esteem)
kill you in a new way
Inception, Arthur, 1534
Arthur's recruitment into the dream share program.

Just a bit of backstory. Trying to work out my Arthur voice for something a bit more substantial.

Also, you know, another entry for my Finish Old Crap project. I've secured a beta for that Supernatural fic I mentioned last week, so it should be posted sometime in the coming weeks. I haven't decided where to concentrate my efforts next, but I'm hoping to have enough stuff posted, in enough large fandoms, that I'll have the option to sign up for Remix, without leaning on my ancient Harry Potter stuff. Maybe I'll do a series of Emma/Charles ficlets and incur the wrath of the poor soul who's assigned to me... A handful of Buffy ficlets would also help.

So hey, you know what I kind of want to write? Tara Thornton: Agent of SHIELD. She comes back from the dead ~unkillable and angry, therefore, shadowy government agency.

Alternate: http://schmevil.dreamwidth.org/314390.html. comment count unavailable comments

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Still haven't read Charlaine Harris, but I like the concept. Most angst-romance adult fantasy characters would make great additions to the mostly juvenile Marvel U.

Just imagine Anita Blake's guilt-sex poly-were adventures transplanted into the X-books! Let's see Cyclops try to shove mutant/vampire/werewolf/telepath sexpower psychodramas into an Us vs Them narrative somehow. "Anita, we're mutants, feared and hated, you can't sleep in a naked pile of subservient were-men just because they need your physical touch to live... I mean, they don't have to be smug about it. The Prof-Jean. Jean always told me being too happy about sex was bad. Stop kissing him while I'm talking to you at least."

True Blood's a separate entity from the books, and Tara in particular is a totally different character. She would REALLY fit into the MU. She's an angry bisexual, anti-vampire, self destructive cage fighter and bartender.

That's a hilarious scenario.

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