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avengers story
So I'm working on an Avengers story, the first draft of which is, GET THIS, almost done. inorite? It's going to be a short, bare bones thing that I'll have to attack with a bucket of characterization spackle and a trowel, but it's ALMOST DONE. It's got alternating Tony and Steve pov, with Natasha and Maria Hill playing supporting roles, and some Maddy Pryor thrown in for kicks (honestly, anything to keep her away from Scott). Basically, Tony tries to catch a plane.

Anyone down for beta/pre-read duties?

Unrelated-- so this alpha/omega self-lubricating ass trend. Has anyone tried to science this up and actually explain how this works and why, from an evolutionary perspective, it's an advantage?

Alternate: http://schmevil.dreamwidth.org/317033.html. comment count unavailable comments

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I would have thought that the human body was designed to keep foreign objects out. That's why you have blink reflexes and closing sphincters.

So, a self lubricating anus would likely be a disadvantage as it would make the entry of foreign objects easier. OR, that could be nature's way of saying "go with the flow"

ffs, i'm having my breakfast bran flakes right now.

Maddy Pryor! Niiiice! :)

People do the alpha/omega shit just so they don't have to explain anything. Or think about character personalities or how they might act in certain situations. Takes the pressure of fanfic, you know.:)

(I have actually managed to read one kind of similar idea for Dark Angel, where they explained the show itself better, imo. But that wasn't really this new trendy self-lubing ass thing. Just 'ordinary' freaky genetics type of thing.)

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