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i r alive
Hey hey. I have been so uninvolved in fandom that I forgot that I signed up for remix and I forgot that I finished some stories, wtf. Best get on that.

So on FFA people are talking about how terrible Marvel fandom is. Having come of age in Harry Potter fandom, I find myself thinking "Naw gurl, naw." The part of LJ/DW fic culture I'm familiar with has always been pretty civilized (outside of pits like FFR), and generally speaking, I think it's gotten less critical over the years, and far more cult of nice, at least as far as writing criticism goes.

I haven't had an outstandingly mean comment on a story since I was in Smallville (and shit, that was one limpass flame), and I'm all about readers being encouraged to respond however they please. Certainly I prefer long, detailed reviews and conversations, but I make no bones about welcoming criticism. Flames even--the most I'll do is some flocked loling. But the flames haven't come. Reviewers in Marvel and Supernatural fandoms have been unfailingly polite. Granted, I'm an unproductive, uncontroversial, non-porny NNF, but in HP everyone took some bad hits. Whether it was your first ever story, or your thirtieth, someone would pop out of the woodwork to call you a delusional hack and request that you die in a fire, posthaste.

Between YKINMK, "Stories are gifts!" and the widely accepted assumption that readers should ask before giving constructive criticism, or posting public reviews, there simply isn't a lot of room for actually talking about writing. Let it happen on anon memes. Haters gonna hate, and most everyone else is pretty damn nice.

*Consider these comments as separate from the Avengers troll issue.

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Did you find the fandom more... wanky outside of LJ?

ficwise, I wrote pretty much everything (as long as it was darkfic enough XD) and lots of meta. Which wanks were you peripherally involved with?

(I was involved in some very minor Snupin specific wanks, that's pretty much it).

I totally failed, as I typically do, to jump on the next bandwaggon and take part to the migratory slash fandom (even though the people in it are typically writers/fen I rather like), neither Smallville nor SPN, nor Merlin (which I think were the main hyped thing on my flist at the time I was dropping the HP fandom). In great part because I just don't like TV shows all that much. I think I was mostly at a loss for a long time after HP, I got back into small, old fandoms like Utena; I got into Avatar, of course, and into BSG but mostly not for fanfics; and so on until I finally found my way into comics fandom.

I'm not sure I'd have an easy time to say which was the wankiest fandom. ASOIAF can be massively wanky at times, but I've learned to avoid those corners a long, long time go (it is my oldest fandom); Buffy was my first fanfic fandom so it's when I was naive enough to buy into ship wars and characters bashing narratives easily, so I didn't avoid those all that much, so I remember a lot of wanks related to it, although the main place I enjoyed it was very welcoming and peaceful. X could be pretty damn wanky at times, and I was involved a little bit in it. Mostly in good fun, but yeaaaah :)

If you can believe it, I followed migratory slash fandom into Smallville and... wrote gen. I did get into SPN, but years and years after most people (season four I think). Incest is a massive no go for me, so I focus on casefic, family and angels and demons.

Right now I'm in Marvel comics/movie fandom (obviously) and... Teen Wolf, kind of. I watch Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Game of Thrones, and talk about them with some online and offline friends, but I'm not heavily involved in the fandoms. I'd be all over True Blood, if Eric/Sookie wasn't crushing the life out of everything else. Lately, most of the energy I'd put into writing fic and writing ABOUT fic is going into non-fandom projects.

I found HP fandom off LJ to be FAR wankier. Fiction Alley was almost designed from the bottom up to create wank. A goodly number of the mods were given their positions because they were part of the in-group, or to reflect their BNFness. This resulted in uneven and biased modding. They also had a shipping forum, where fans would fight to bump their ships to the top, or to have the longest threads. Even off that board, there was all sorts of inter-ship feuding and back-biting; guilds, clubs and cliques, as far as the eye could see. So silly.

On LJ I found the wank would come from reliable sources, Attaniel say, or the CC crowd, and then spread like wildfire. It was avoidable though, if you put a bit of effort into distancing yourself. If I was bored, I'd offer my services as a gun for fire, to whichever of my friends was embroiled in it. That was usually my involvement--someone would complain about an argument they were losing, and I'd go in to support them. I used to really enjoy arguing with people. -_- As you can imagine, none of these wanks really stuck with me, as I wasn't personally involved.

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