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I can't remember how I got into the show in the first place, but I watched the first season in two days and now I'm a confirmed fan. The cast is a delight, although I find the lead and his dramadramadrama can get tiresome--they need to either kill off Trevor in the second season (or send him to prison), or amp up those kinds of plots considerably. They seemed to increasingly become an afterthought, as the season progressed, even while the show took the time to hang lampshade on top of lampshade, on Mike's poor life choices.

Generally, I really liked the first season. It's light, and quick, and fun, and my goodness, the cast is just so much fun. Harvey, Donna, Louis and Jessica can come over for tea and NEVER LEAVE. Mike too, if he doesn't spend the afternoon complaining about how mean Harvey is.

One thing that's interesting is how many visual echoes there are from Mad Men. They're very different shows, and I'm not suggesting that Suits is trying to be a kind of Mad Men Lite (it's really really not), but the set decoration, costuming, and hair and makeup, are full of callouts to Mad Men nostigia-fetishim, and to you know, the actual entertainment of that bygone era. Harvey Specter, you guys, even his posture. And then it's contrasted with Mike's skinny ties and sometimes-dishevelment, all the women in positions of power, and the less sea-of-white offices of Pearson Hardman.

I think this would be a fun show to review... Is there good Suits meta? I'd like to read about Mike, the American Dream, the criminal self-made man, and the resurgence of Greed Is Good.

PS. Jessica has amazing hair. Just amazing.

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I really like Suits. That being said, I completely agree with you that they need to get rid of Trevor somehow. He's just uninteresting.

I think that's in large part due to the lackluster performance of the actor, and his total lack of chemistry with Patrick J. Adams. The rest of the cast gels so well that his blahness really sticks out. Even Jenny's got more everything going on with both Mike and Rachel, and she hasn't been blessed with oodles of screen time.

But yeah, the character in and of himself just isn't that interesting. Unless they give him a legit storyline, he's got to go.

What're your predictions for season two?

Whenever he's on screen, I'm usually just bored and impatiently waiting for the scene to change. I think lackluster is definitely the right word to describe the actor's performance. He's so blah.

I haven't really given it much thought, but I think that the secret will slowly grow more and more exposed throughout the season until the whole thing falls apart in the season finale. Or possibly that'll happen as early as the season premiere, in which case I really have no idea.
What do you think?

My concern there is what they'd replace The Secret with--what keeps the show going then? Also, I don't want to see more people in the know. I think that would stretch the premise past credibility. I think the finale was a fakeout of some kind, or that Mike and Harvey will pull off some miraculous save.

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