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list items, yes
  • I am going to watch the hell out of Snow White and the Huntsman, and then I am going to write ALL THE CREEPY FEMSLASH.

    Kstew as Snow White
    Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna
    Chris Helmsworth as The Huntsman

    So much eye candy I can't even bear it. You don't want to know how many times I've watched the trailer, just to indulge in evil Charlize Theron.

  • Posting starts tomorrow for Women Write About Comics. So yeah, get on that muchachos.

  • I need more people in my dwircle/flist. Like, a lot more. Many of the people I've been friends with for years have dropped out of sight and checking my reading pages is such a drag when there've been so few updates. I'm trying to decide where to go with my friending mission? Politics? Art people? Teen Wolf fans? (OMG) Comics? What to doooo.

  • I am so done with countrywank on FFA. Bye.

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  • idek
    ron and hermione
    I think my most hated character arc for Tony Stark is, "Tony Learns How To Be A Good Bourgeois Boy," where becoming (upper) middle class in terms of outlook, means becoming normal.

    I kind of don't have the energy to fully expand on this idea right now, but the logic seems to be that taking on bourgeois mannerisms and behaviours means becoming a better, more normal person. ie. better living through dish washing, and no longer jet setting but staying home for family time with the team. It's not that I think that Tony's lifestyle is admirable, but that acting out a bourgeois lifestyle when you're one of the richest men in the world, is a bit gross, and could only ever be that--acting. I think Tony is most interesting as an Avenger, when you maintain the distance imposed by class, and influence. It creates a wonderful constant tension.

    (Second most hated: Tony leads an unhealthy lifestyle. Let's force him to become a better person by hiding the coffee and forcing him to sleep!)

    Just, Tony inhabits a particular super rich bubble, midway between Silicon Valley and New England old money, by way of the military industrial complex. His values and lifestyle are bit wonky even for the super rich. I'm far more interested in seeing how he can figure out to do good, without pretending to be something he isn't. Which is something that, by and large, the comics do well--Tony leverages those incredible (monetary, industrial, social, personal) resources to try to make the world a better place. Very often not successfully, but hey, storytime fun.

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    we back baby
    gwen and mj dance
    sequentialcrack is back and we need your input!

    S_Crack is a comics recs comm for all kinds of fanworks, in all kinds of comics based fandoms. And we want your recs. OM NOM NOM YOUR BRAIN.

    Right now we're doing an informal poll, to see what kinds of fandoms you want to see there most often, and what kind of fandoms you'd like to rec in. Go forth and comment.

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    I'm pushing forward with my Finish Old Crap project, and I've got another Kripked Supernatural story about ready to go. It's going to be ~10,000 when I'm done with it. Dean/Castiel, unspoken starcrossed romance, bittersweet ending and metaphysics. It's much tighter than my previous Old Crap story, but there are some desert dry parts, and I could use some advice on the Kripked elements and a general read through.


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    Your Kink Is Not My Kink, is, for those of you who haven't seen the acronym before, the guiding principle of kinkmeme coexistence. It's how feeder kink can be in the same meme as underage, noncon, bestiality, and tickling. YKINMK is invoked in cases of kink shaming. So you don't like foot fetish? Refrain from kink shaming and scroll on by -- YKINMK and that's ok.

    Question: have people truly bought into it, or is YKINMK just the price of doing business? Or put differently, does YKINMK conceal mutual disgust and tension, thereby making it possible for people with dissimilar tastes to get along? Or does YKINMK represent now common actual fannish* attitudes to each others' kinks?

    *At least as far as kinkmemes go.

    BTW, I don't really want to get into the SPN Blindfold thing right now. I'll just end up throwing things. Please don't.

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    possible meta fest, fyi
    trobadora (via [personal profile] etrangere):

    A week ago I made a grumbly flocked post about the lack of interaction on LJ these days - comment levels, lack of meta, lack of sprawling discussions ... and it turned into a very busy post indeed. Seems I'm not alone missing the meta, and metafandom as a way to get the word out to the larger fannish community. In the comments, sholio and I did some brainstorming for what could be done about this situation, and here's what we came up with:

    The Meta Month of March

    Basically, we want to have a proper meta fest in March. It's very simple:

  • Beginnng mid-February, we'd ask people to sign up for posting meta – either general meta or fandom-specific meta - during the month of March.

  • In March, on your designated date you'd post your meta or a link to it in the fest community on LJ and/or on DW, and we’d all descend upon your post to enjoy and discuss. :)

  • Additional meta you didn't sign up with would of course be very welcome, including follow-ups to previous discussions.

  • There's a poll. Go click.

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    meme via dorothy1901
    Pick up the nearest book to you. Turn to page 45. The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

    They would be settled in Highmarten within seventeen miles of himself and Martha and would be part of a comfortable household with an indulgent mistress, a generous master, their future secured, their lives stretching ahead, predictable, safe, respectable. (Death Comes To Pemberley, PD James).


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    Canadialand news
    (Canadian shack wankbroglio: whaaaat. I don't even know how to approach that. I... don't know enough about what sparked this? Links, anyone?)

    How about something to do with actual Canada?

    *The Current was broadcasting from Whitehorse today for a special episode:

    Absent Aboriginal Fathers

    There are many statistics. The percentage of Aboriginal children being raised by a single parent -- usually the mother -- is double the percentage of other Canadian children. One in 5 First Nations women over the age of 15 is a single mom. And if statistics don't change, a growing number of Aboriginal boys will typically become absent dads themselves. We hear from CBC Reporter, Geoff Leo who has been looking into this story and from a professor at the School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria.

    Love The Current, and this was a great townhall. Lots of important points raised. Lots of touching stories.

    *True North Aid is raising funds for furnishing the new modular homes on their way to Attawapistkat. I'm not super familiar with the organization, so I can't advise you on it, or the program.

    *Did you catch this morning's same sex marriage confusion?

    The renewed attention was sparked by the case of an unidentified lesbian couple who married in Canada in 2005 but split up in 2009. The partners are living in Florida and the United Kingdom. Both women want a divorce, but cannot get one where they now live because the state of Florida does not recognize their marriage, and although the U.K. grants civil partnerships to same-sex couples, it does not recognize the Canadian marriage.

    The couple went to court last June seeking a Canadian divorce, despite the federal Divorce Act's one-year residency requirement, which they do not meet. Their submission argues the rules are discriminatory, and the couple is seeking $30,000 in damages for negligent misrepresentation by the province of Ontario if their marriage is found to be invalid.

    But in addition to the residency requirement, a submission from a federal government lawyer in response to the couple's case cites another reason for refusing to grant the divorce — that they are not legally married.

    Documents released Thursday show the government arguing that "in order for a marriage to be legally valid under Canadian law, the parties to the marriage must satisfy both the requirements of the place where the marriage is celebrated... and the requirements of the law of domicile of the couple with regard to their legal capacity to marry one another."

    Harper says he has no intention of re-opening the debate on same sex marriage.

    I think it's likely that the divorce law will be amended if that's what's necessary to clear this up. The CPC isn't going to win anything from causing ANOTHER international human rights kerfluffle.

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    sequential crack
    daily planet
    Someone (was it [personal profile] salinea?) asked about sequentialcrack recently. It kind of fell by the wayside, as we couldn't find enough recers to keep it going. Is there interest in the comm? I'd be willing to revive it, if people (quite a few) were interested.

    So you know, ask around.

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    so my beloved flist
    Was this one of you? I ask, because we just talked about this. Or am I perhaps anticipating the meme?

    There should be a Marvel movieverse fic where Fury goes to the circus, discovers Clint, recruits him for SHIELD, and then regrets it for the rest of his days, because MY GOD WHAT A DICK. Coulson is stuck running herd on him, because no one else can manage him. Then when Tony comes on board as a consultant and everyone is marveling over his dickery, they decide to sic Clint on him. Of course, this backfires spectacularly, and the two join forces. Double the mouthiness, twice the inappropriate pranks, ALL THE EGO, JUGGLING.

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